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       Since the start of the 21st century, business operation has changed from hard work, diligence, and technical oriented to professional cooperation and integration of whole resources. Nowadays business even create extra profits and values by using systematic knowledge. Traditional factories focused on the competition of the ability to produce; now the focus has turned to the competition of creativity. Traditional business usually cared more about market-share; however, market-share is no longer a definite advantage. The key to success is whether a business can produce quality products favored by customers in less time. Other than having diligence, professional, business management, marketing, and resources management in the operating system, one still would need "Value Management" to win over the competitors.

       VM is a system that uses effective ways or procedures to analyze and improve every detail to achieve bigger values and profits. It also will develop a shared Cultural (Value) philosophy within teams and help them work together to create ultimate success. This conference is the first International Conference on Value Engineering (VE) internationally sponsored by SAVE International and locally sponsored by Value Management Institute of Taiwan. The aim of this symposium is to present and discuss the new challenges of value engineering in construction, transportation, manufactory, government, health care, and TRIZ in the 21st century.










      Hiroshi Tsuchiya

    CVS, FSAVE Emeritus Professor, The SANNO Institute of Management Presidential Advisor more>>







      Masayasu Tanaka

     CVS, Ph.D., FSAVE Professor, Mejiro University President, Japan Association of Management System Researchers more>>    








       Yoshio Nakagam

     CVS, FSAVE Society of Japanese Value Engineering Tokyo, Japan more>>